Mug Offer

Time For A Cuppa?

We hope you like your new tax saving mug!

Now it’s time to sit back and relax with a nice cup of tea and discover how Gator Accounting can help you and your business.

Who Are We?

Gator Accounting are accountants for the amazing people behind every great business.

Our goal is to provide a personal, stress free, service to our clients that gives them the tools necessary to re-focus time and resources on their business.

Fancy A Challenge?

We have produced a list of small tax saving ideas that when pulled together, should make a big difference.

These ideas are not off shore shell companies or tax avoiding schemes.
Instead these are ideas that are readily available on HMRC website (really!) that companies do not utilise or just don’t know about!

We guarantee to save you £100 In Tax!
If we are unable to do this then you will receive an additional mystery prize.

Take The Challenge

The (Not So) Small Print

The Guarantee is only valid for viable & trading Limited Companies based in England.

By accepting the challenge you are agreeing to a 30 minute zoom meeting to go through your business so we can discover the best tax savings. If you do not attend the meeting then we will be unable to make suggestions and therefore would make the guarantee invalid.

The tax savings will be based on a financial year of trading.

All tax saving advice is given in accordance of the legislation at the time of the meeting.

Get In Touch

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Gator Ltd Reg in England & Wales
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