About Us

Brief History

Gator Accounting was created in the Spring of 2018 by our founder Jake Dobbs (MAAT).

Jake originally started his working life as an apprentice gas engineer in 2008 and qualifying in 2012. He spent another year on the tools before taking on a new challenge and following a career in accounting.

Working his way quickly through the ranks gathering valuable experience and knowledge until in 2018, Jake put his dream in motion and opened Gator Accounting.

With his construction background it was clear from the start that Jake would use his unrivalled insight to help his fellow tradesmen and women. His unique style and eye for detail are the foundations to the service that his clients rely on.

Our Director

I’m a family Man with 3 young Daughters, including twins.

I love eating pizza while supporting Arsenal from behind the sofa.

One day I would love to brew my very own beer!